Greg Pintilie

B.Sc. (York U.), M.Sc. (U. Toronto), Ph.D. (MIT)
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June 4, 2010 - Webcast of commencement

Research Interests:

My interests lie in the use of computer graphics, vision, and simulation to analyze, model, understand, (re-)design, and optimize various types of physical systems. This also includes research in interfaces that allow such tasks to be driven and assisted by human users.


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G. Pintilie
GLUBs: Games for Learning and Understanding Biology
Future Play 2010


G. Pintilie, P. Heppel, J. Echelman
Interactive design and simulation of net sculptures
R. Taylor et al. (Eds.): Smart Graphics, Springer, Heidelberg, 2010, pp. 68-79.


G. Pintilie, J. Zhang, T. Goddard, W. Chiu, D. Gossard
Quantitative analysis of cryo-EM density map segmentation by watershed and scale-space filtering, and fitting of structures by alignment to regions
Journal of Structural Biology, vol. 170, Jun. 2010, pp. 427-438.
Pubmed, ScienceDirect

GroEL Segmentation

G. Pintilie, J. Zhang, W. Chiu, D. Gossard
Identifying Components in 3D Density Maps of Protein Nanomachines by Multi-scale Segmentation
In Life Science Systems and Applications Workshop, IEEE/NIH, pp. 44-47, 2009
IEEExplore, DSpace


Pintilie, G., Tuekam, B., and Hogue, C.W.V.
Generation of Glyphs for Conveying Complex Information, with Application to Protein Representations
A. Butz et al. (Eds.): Smart Graphics, LNCS 3638, pp. 90-102, 2005


Pintilie, G. and McInerney, T.
Interactive Cutting of the Skull for Craniofacial Surgical Planning
Proceedings of IASTED, Biomedical Engineering. Acta Press, 2003
Actapress, Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

Toronto 3D

Allison, R. S., Harris, L. R., Hogue, A., Jasiobedzka, U., Jenkin, H., Jenkin, M., Jaekl, P., Laurence, J., Pintilie, G., Redlick, F., Zacher, J., Zikovitz, D.
Simulating self motion II: A virtual reality tricycle
Virtual Reality, 6: 86-95, 2002


Allison, R., Harris, L, Jenkin, M., Pintilie, G., Redlick, F. and Zikovitz, D. C.
First steps with a rideable computer
Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Virtual Reality, 2000


Elder, J. H., Trithart, S., Pintilie, G., MacLean, D.
Rapid processing of cast and attached shadows
Perception 33(11) 1319-1338, 2004
Perception link


Jenkin, M., Elder, J. and Pintilie, G.
Loosely-coupled telepresence through the panoramic image server
Proceedings of Vision Interface 98, 249-254, 1998



G. Pintilie
Segmentation and Registration of Molecular Components in 3-Dimensional Density Maps from Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Ph.D. Thesis., MIT, December 17, 2009

Technical Reports:

Mm-cpn smd

G. Pintilie, J. Zhang, J. King, D. Gossard
Simulating the conformational transitions in Mm-cpn with Steered Molecular Dynamics
Technical Report, March 2008

Mm-cpn smd

G. Pintilie, J. King
A structural and statistical study of fluorescence-quenching tryptophan residues in γ-Crystallin
Technical Report, August 2007

Molecule on Grid

G. Pintilie
Parallellizing molecular dynamics simulations on the Playstation multicore processor
Technical Report, January 2007

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