This booklet was originally produced using FullWrite Professional, a victim of Ashton Tate. Later it was transferred to Paragon's Nisus, a really terrific word processor which I highly recommend. This version you're reading now is formatted in HTML.

The fractions were all done as graphics in Nisus, and since I don't currently have access to a copy of Nisus, I haven't managed to fix them all in this HTML version. So some recipes have funny symbols in place of fractions, making it impossible to tell how much of an ingredient to use. Sorry. I'm fixing the fractions as fast as I can.

All artwork is either public domain clip art from the Clip Art stack (which leaked from Apple shortly after HyperCard's release) or HyperCard's Art Bits stack, or is original artwork by drawn by me, or is a combination. All color was added by me (using Adobe Photoshop -- yay, Photoshop!). So far I've only transferred about half the artwork from Nisus.

If your browser supports style sheets specified the "@import" way, and you have the right fonts installed, you will see the recipes in all their fonted glory. The body font is Syntax. Other fonts are as follows:

Salmon DipIsadoraCaps
Lentils, Monastery StyleGoudyMedieval
Corn ChowderMultiform
Meat 'N' Biscuit SquaresStripe
Pork Chops, Sunny Side UpArctic
Hamburger-Corn PieTribeca
Cheese StrataWedgie
Chicken Rosanne RosannadanaZapf Chancery
Fried SnakeskinsMendocino
Virginia Chickypoo PuddingBiffoMT
Chicken Rosemary's BabySavage
Chicken TetrazziniVines and Venice
Easy ChickenEl Camino
Chicken CrèpesTGScript
Macaroni and CheeseLumparsky
Glazed Carrots and Onion CasseroleBerkshire and Berkshire Initials
Pancakes à la Sue's MomCalligraphy
Potato PancakesBerlin
Irish BreadEire
ChallahMazel Tov
Whole Wheat BreadLogger
Jewish Apple CakeMazel Tov
Banana CakeArt Nouveau
Deep Dish Apple PieGoudyMedieval
"Hickory Nut" CakeLondon
Sour Cream Coffee CakeMelrose
Chocolate Sabayon PieHarrington
Black Bottom CupcakesPsychedelicSmoke
Butter CookiesNova, outline
No BakesMeow
Colleen's Gingerbread CookiesBerlin
Chocolate Death BombsHarquil
Chocolate Cornstarch PuddingMira
Jim's Hot ToddyAarcover
Catherine's Hot CocoaChampagne
Spice AdviceRound

Some recipes had bitmapped graphics in place of fonts in Nisus; I haven't transferred these to HTML yet.

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