Jim's Hot Toddy for Colds and Cold Days

1 partrum1 parthoney
1 partlemon juicewater, optional

Mix & heat. If this doesn't cure your sore throat, it'll sure make you forget it.

Catherine's Hot Cocoa

1 mugmilk1/2 t.vanilla
~1 T.honeycinnamon
~1 t.cocoanutmeg

Mix honey and cocoa. Add a few drops of milk if that makes it easier to mix. When cocoa is thoroughly mixed in with no lumps, mix in milk a little at a time. Start with a few drops and double this amount successively until the mug is full. Add vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Add the nutmeg (a small dash) last so you can watch the neat effect where the cinnamon springs to the sides as the nutmeg hits the surface. Does anyone know why that happens? (For nutmeg especially, that is.) Nuke until hot and stir.

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