Review Materials

Dartmouth Written Qual Materials

In order to help first year students prepare for the written qualifying exam, David Freund and I have collected solutions to the problems that have been used on previous year's exams. The full 240 page written qual book is available here: link. In addition to the solutions, this document provides some helpful commentary about surviving your first year in the graduate program.

Dartmouth Oral Qual Materials

I am collecting current graduate student's recollections of their oral qualifying exams under the new system for an update to the qual book. It will appear here soon. As an example, here are the questions that I was asked during my algebra qual. Please contact me if you have some questions to contribute. I have also typed solutions to many of the practice questions available upon request (although you really should try to work them out on your own first).

The oral qualifying exam in Complex Networks was given for the first time in Winter 2015 using this syllabus. I have written an 18 page review document that covers most of the material on this syllabus in a reasonable coherent and comprehensive fashion. Additionally, complete solutions to the practice problems can be found here.

Complex Networks

Here is a short note describing my personal philosophy of applied mathematics and my thoughts about whether or not networks are graphs: link.

Course Notes

The eponymous course notes are no longer publicly available.