Lower Bound Techniques for Data Structures, Aug'08   [PDF] [PS]
PhD thesis. Committee: Erik Demaine (advisor), Mikkel Thorup, Piotr Indyk
Defense: [PPTX] [PPT]

Computational Geometry through the Information Lens, Jun'07   [PDF] [PS]
Master thesis. Advisor: Erik Demaine.


Note: I disagree both with the design/concept of the Encyclopedia of Algorithms, and with the predatory pricing of Springer. I see little reason why you would want to buy this book.

Searching the Integers, 2007   [PDF] [PS]
Invited survey in Encyclopedia of Algorithms (Springer).

Lower Bounds for Dynamic Connectivity, 2007   [PDF] [PS]
Invited survey in Encyclopedia of Algorithms (Springer).


Job Application, Dec'07   [PDF] [PS] (CV, research and teaching statements)
Job talk:   [PPTX] [PPT]
Outcome: offers from ATT Labs, IBM Almaden, Georgia Tech, UC San Diego.

"Data Structures", 2007:   [PDF] [PS]
Grant proposal for Google Research Awards. Outcome: received.

"Computational Geometry through the Information Lens", 2007:   [PDF] [PS]
Grant proposal for NSF/theory. Outcome: rejected.

PhD Application, Dec'05:   [PDF] [PS]
Outcome: accepted by MIT, Princeton, UWashington; rejected by Stanford.

Nomination to CRA Outstanding undergraduate award, 2004:   [PDF] [PS]
Outcome: received. Citation.


Corrigendum to "Efficient similarity search and classification via rank aggregation" by Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar and D. Sivakumar (Proc. SIGMOD'03)   [PDF] [PS]
Alexandr Andoni, Ronald Fagin, Ravi Kumar, Mihai Pătraşcu, D. Sivakumar
Proc. ACM SIGMOD 2008, pages 1375-1376.

On Two Problems from the National Olympiad in Informatics 2002: New Solutions and Generalizations   [PDF] [PS]
Gazeta Informatica (GInfo), vol. 13(2), 2003. [In Romanian.]
See problems 3 and 4 on my problem page.