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I am a Professor in the Theory of Computation Group , Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. See my bio for more information.

I am a member of Wireless@MIT and Big Data@CSAIL.


Research Interests:

High-dimensional computational geometry (including approximate nearest neighbor search), data stream algorithms, sparse recovery, compressive sensing, sub-linear algorithms.

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Here is a list of some of my papers.

Surveys, tutorials and talks:

Grad courses:

Fall 2014: Algorithms and Signal Processing (6.893).

Spring 2013: Sub-linear Algorithms (6.893).

Spring 2012: Geometric Computing (6.850).

Fall 2010: Sub-linear Algorithms (6.896).

Spring 2009: Streaming Etc. (at Rice University).

Fall 2007: Sketching, Streaming, and Sub-linear Space algorithms (6.895).

Spring 2007: Geometric Computation (6.850).

Fall 2006: Computational Biology, Too (6.895/6.085).

Fall 2005: Computational Biology (6.895/6.095).

Spring 2005: Geometric Computing (6.838) .

Fall 2003: Geometric Computing (6.838) .

Fall 2002: Algorithms for Massive Data Sets (6.897).

Fall 2001: Geometric Computation (6.838)

Fall 2000: Algorithmic Aspects of Embeddings (6.978).

Undergrad courses:

Spring 2008: Intro to Algorithms (6.046).

Fall 2008: Design and Analysis of Algorithms ("new" 6.046).


Sparse Fourier Transform From Theory to Practice


Piotr Indyk
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab
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Phone: (617) 452-3402
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