Favorite Recipes


the Menagerie

Collected, edited, kibbitzed, and illustrated


Sue Felshin


Some of the recipes here are traditional family recipes or ones made up by me or people I know. Some come from newspapers. Some come from recipe books. I have modified and/or kibbitzed on most of the recipes, including the ones from published sources, but not all of them.

Now, as I understand copyright law (none too well), you can't copyright a recipe -- only a collection of recipes. So I think it's okay for me to reproduce a handful of recipes from copyrighted sources here. If it's not okay, I hope someone will tell me so, so I can remove the relevant recipes. In any event, if there are recipes here from a particular source, it means it's a good source. Everybody go out and buy the Joy of Cooking. And the other nice sources I quote here.

And, since one can copyright a collection of recipes, I'm copyrighting this one; see the copyright statement. When does a recipe become a story, and vice versa? Can I copyright any parts of the individual recipes of this collection, when they are more story than recipe? If so, I do.


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