A Gentle Introduction
to Bilateral Filtering
and its Applications

Sylvain Paris, Pierre Kornprobst, Jack Tumblin, and Frédo Durand
A class at ACM SIGGRAPH 2008
A tutorial at IEEE CVPR 2008
A course at ACM SIGGRAPH 2007

Friday morning (8:30am - 12:15pm), August 15th 2008
Announcement on the SIGGRAPH'08 website

Saturday, June 28th 2008
Announcement on the CVPR'08 website

Past: Monday morning (8:30am - 12:15pm), August 6th 2007
Announcement on the SIGGRAPH'07 website

Summary The bilateral filter is ubiquitous in computational photography applications. It is increasingly common in computer graphics research papers but no single reference summarizes its properties and applications. This course provides a graphical, strongly intuitive introduction to bilateral filtering, and a practical guide for image editing, tone-maps, video processing and more.

Prerequisites We welcome all motivated beginners. Don't worry if integrals or Gaussian functions are unfamiliar: we only assume that attendees know some digital image basics (pixels, gray levels, noise) and have some modest programming experience. If you can compute a weighted average, then you are ready to take this course.

Intended Audience This course is meant to introduce a graphics person to bilateral filtering. We typically target someone who wants to get into image editing, computational photography, and other related fields. We cover issues that appeal to anyone interested in image manipulations: researchers, developers, software designers and more.

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