6.001 Spring 2006 Recitations

Instructor: Jacob Strauss jastr@mit.edu

Section 2: WF10 26-210
Section 7: WF12 26-204
Office Hours: W4 in 32-G978, or by appointment

Archive of prior quiz problems

Wed 2/8  Intro to Scheme  handout solns
2Fri 2/10 lambda handout solns
3Wed 2/15 Recursion handout solns
4Fri 2/17 Orders of Growth handout solns
5Wed 2/22 More Orders of Growth handout solns
6Fri 2/24 Data Abstractions: cons, car, cdr handout solns
7Wed 3/1 Higher Order Procedures
presented by Michael Collins and Kimberle Koile
8Fri 3/3 Data Abstractions handout solns
9Fri 3/10 Higher Order List Procedures handout solns
10Wed 3/15 Symbols and Quote handout solns
11Fri 3/17 Tagged Data handout solns
12Wed 3/22 Mutation, queues, stacks handout solns
13Fri 3/24 Rings, Vectors and hash tables handout solns
14Wed 4/5 Binary Trees handout solns
15Fri 4/7 Environment Model handout
16Wed 4/12 More Environment Diagrams handout partial solns
17Fri 4/14 Message Passing handout partial solns
18Wed 4/19 OOPS I handout
19Fri 4/21 Quiz II Review handout solns
20Fri 4/28 OOPS II handout partial solns
21Wed 5/3 Interpretation handout
22Fri 5/5 Dynamic Scoping handout solns
23Wed 5/10 Lazy Evaluation handout
24Fri 5/12 Streams handout solns
25Wed 5/17 Final Review handout solns