Essential Coding Theory

Course number: 6.896
Prereq: 6.046, 6.840 & Mathematical Maturity.
Time: MW 1:00-2:30pm
Location: 24-307
3-0-9 H-Level Grad Credit
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Topics covered:


Some standard references for coding theory are listed below. We won't follow any particular one of these. But the material covered can probably be found (in some disguise or other) in any of these. A related course offered at MIT is Principles of Digital Communication II (MIT 6.451) taught by Dave Forney. While 6.896 and 6.451 have a fair amount of overlap the courses do have significantly different emphasis to allow for students to benefit by taking both courses.

Some non-standard references for coding theory include:
For scribes, here is a sample file and the preamble.tex file that it uses.