6.842 Randomness and Computation (Fall 2017)

Instructor: Ronitt Rubinfeld
Time: MW 11:00-12:30
Place: 4-261


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  • Brief Course description:

    We study the power and sources of randomness in computation, concentrating on connections and applications to computational complexity, computational learning theory, cryptography and combinatorics. Topics include:

    (1) Basic tools: probabilistic, proofs, Lovasz local lemma, uniform generation and approximate counting, Fourier analysis, influence of variables on functions, random walks, graph expansion, Szemeredi regularity lemma.

    (2) Randomness vs. Predictability: pseudorandom generators, weak random sources, derandomization and recycling randomness, computational learning theory, Fourier based learning algorithms, weak vs. strong learning, boosting, average vs. worst case hardness, XOR lemma.

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