6.854/18.415 Advanced Algorithms

Spring 2016

The design and analysis of algorithms is one of the central pillars of computer science. This course is designed to be a capstone course in algorithms, and will expose students to some of the most powerful and modern modes of algorithmic thinking ---- as well as how to apply them. We will cover a wide variety of topics including hashing, dimension reduction, max flow, linear programming, semidefinite programming, approximation algorithms, multiplicative weights, gradient descent and compressed sensing, and bring students up to the level where they can read and understand research papers.

Announcement: The course is now over, enjoy summer break!

Announcement: Youtube playlist with the videos so far (more to be uploaded soon), courtesy of Andrew Xia!

Announcement: We have set up a Piazza site for the course that you can sign up for here

Course Information

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Scribing and Grading

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Course Outline

Here is a tentative outline for the course. We will add links to further resources that you might find helpful as we go along.

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