Madhu Sudan: Online talks

This page is under construction (really! perpetually!).

This page contains pdf/powerpoint files corresponding to talks I've given. The older powerpoint slides use Tex4ppt. If you don't wish to install it, then the corresponding pdf files give most of the information (minus some animation).











Some ancient talks in random order.
Error Correcting Codes: Progress and Challenges: (A survey-ish talk presented at MSR Redmond and IAS, 2005).

Coding Theory: Tutorial/Survey. (Slides of a two hour tutorial on coding theory. The accompanying paper is here. )
Probabilistic checking of proofs. (Four hours of lectures on PCP, from talks given a graduate summer school organized by the Park City Mathematical Institute at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, July 15 - August 5, 2000.)
PCP and Inapproximability: Survey and Open Problems. (Talk given at DIMACS workshop on Approximability of NP-hard problems, Nassau Inn, Princeton, NJ, 20-22 February 2000.)
List decoding of polynomial codes. (Covers joint works with Sanjeev Arora, Venkatesan Guruswami, Luca Trevisan and Salil Vadhan.)
Hardness of approximating the minimum distance of a linear code. (Joint work with Ilya Dumer and Daniele Micciancio.)
Chinese remaindering with errors. (Joint work with Oded Goldreich and Dana Ron.)
Linear consistency testing. (Joint work with Yonatan Aumann, Johan Hastad, and Michael O. Rabin.)